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Ash Wednesday Traditions

Tuesday Tea ~ A Touch of Spring


The afternoons are so different now from when I first began these teatime posts. Back in December, the day was dark and the room was aglow with soft Christmas lights ... and now here we are, two months later, and our afternoons are much longer and lighter.

It just feels so nice - in fact, with temps in the 50s, it feels very much like Spring!

So I'm enjoying today's tea in a cup that once belonged to my grandmother ...


I love the soft colors, especially the pale yellow blooms. :)


So because it felt so springy today, I walked around the yard while the boys played outside after lunch. I was looking for signs of life ... and so I was quite excited to find a snowdrop coming up by the chimney!


Back inside, I put these letters up in the window ...


Lent is a wonderful time for growth. We see changes happening outside, while we make changes within. These plain wooden letters will stay unfinished throughout Lent, but come Palm Sunday ... well, we shall see what happens then. ;)

I also must show you this pretty little plaque I found at Michael's this weekend:


A beautiful reminder to Make Each Day Your Masterpiece.

Not that every day is a party of course, but every day is certainly a gift. What we do and how we live is the 'creative' touch we put on each day. In fact, the quiet days are perhaps the most special of all because they're ours to do with what we wish.

(Within reason of course!)


Well, my friends, I'm going to sign off now ... this chair is awfully comfortable, but I have a house to tidy, and some pancakes to make in honor of Shrove Tuesday (aka Carnival/Mardi Gras/the last day before Lent). Alongside those pancakes there will be crisp sausages and hash brown potatoes ... and lots and lots of freshly whipped cream.

A feast before the fast!

So have a great night everyone ... I will see you here again very soon!