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Fishstick Friday

Today's Menu

Breakfast: Cold cereal, toast.

Lunch: Fishsticks, applesauce, tater tots.

(Snack: Sugar cookies & water at Book Group)

Supper: Potato-leek soup, grilled cheese panini, sliced fruit with biscuits and cream.


Well, Book Group was very nice today! It's a small group this year, but the kids are all avid readers so the discussion is always quite enthusiastic and insightful. This month we read The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois. What a fun book! It was written in 1947, and the story is set in the late 1800s when hot-air balloons were "all the rage." It's a clever and fantastical tale, and I especially enjoyed the illustrations (which were done by the author himself). Of course this book selection also plays nicely into our current "air" study, as well as the boys' ongoing fascination with all things "steampunk." :)

So we're home again now, in from the cold and the wet. I've got a little time before I need to tidy up and start supper, so here I am puttering online. The soup, by the way, is a new recipe for me (found on the back of the Knorr packet). I can't say as though I've ever had leek soup before, but I do remember my Gram used to make a wonderful leek dip with that Knorr mix ...

Well, I'd best be off, but before I go, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and spending a little of your time here with me. I'd also like to wish you all a safe and happy weekend ...

See you here again very soon!