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Housekeeping Routines (Daily & Weekly)

Well, first of all, Happy Weekend, everyone! I had hoped to get this post up last night, but alas, it was not meant to be. (I like to think I have a good grip on time management, but sometimes I'm overly optimistic, lol.) Also, I do not mean to ignore all your lovely comments ... I will be catching up with them this weekend, and I thank you for your time and kind attention! :)

So, a few people have asked if I would share what my housekeeping routines look like, and though I've posted about them before, I thought it would be fun to revisit the subject. (It's one of my favorite subjects!) And I do tend to update my lists now and again, - for instance, when I spy Crackerjack's filthy fingernails at Sunday Mass, I -- well, first I cringe -- and then I make a mental note: "Add nail check to Saturday's routine." ;)

Now, first off, Kristie asked me to list my own "6 Things to Do Everyday," so I'll cover those first. I don't think they're all that different from Martha's (in fact, I commented on "her things" in this post), but here are what I consider six daily tasks helpful in keeping a bit of order in the house:

1. Make beds every morning.

2. Keep kitchen sink empty/counters clear.

3. Sweep floors (edges/corners).

4. Put toys (etc.) in their place at end of day.

5. Neaten mail/newspaper pile and kids' work/books.

6. Clean up towels and bathroom surfaces.

I'm sure you all have a similar list - but I'd love to hear what you consider "must-do's" in any given day. I'm always looking for new ideas and perspective! And for a look at our daily rhythm (what gets done when), read this post here.


As for weekly chores, I generally divide the overall housekeeping by rooms/themes. And please bear in mind, I don't do all this myself! I am very good at delegating. ;) Also, we don't always get all these things done ... some week's it's just a "lick and a promise." :)

Monday: Bedrooms & Laundry

* clean bedrooms (boys do their own - mostly)

* air out beds (open windows if possible)

* start laundries

* change bedding

Tuesday: Bathrooms & Laundry

* clean bathrooms (sink/toilet/tub/counters, etc.)

{Note: The downstairs bathroom is currently under construction so I only have one bathroom to worry about at this time.}

* put out fresh towels

* sweep/mop floor (actually, Bill usually mops for me and he does that on the weekends)

* empty bathroom trash

* continue laundries

* organize library bag

Wednesday: Kitchen & Trash/Recycling

* clean kitchen - wipe down surfaces

* weed out fridge/freezer and kitchen cupboards (toss/compost old stuff)

* scrub sink

* sweep/mop floor (see above mopping note :))

* organize trash & recycling

* start marketing list

* pick up/return library books

* get milk, meat and pizza dough (quick shop with EB)

* finish - maybe? - laundries

Thursday: Dining Room & Family Room

* put out trash & recycling

* clean off dining table/wipe down

* sweep/vacuum dining room

* dust/wipe bay window and front doorway

* neaten "stuff" in family room (books/videos/toys)

* vacuum family room

* wipe down tables, desk, lamps

* look over store flyers

* organize coupons

* start next week's file folder

* think about next week: faith/nature activities

* think about next week: dinner menu

* update marketing/errands list

Friday: Learning/Sitting Room

* neaten "stuff" in learning/sitting room (books/magazines/desk items)

* sweep/vacuum

* wipe down tables, desk, lamps

* refresh library corner

* refresh nature shelf

* finalize menu/marketing list

* prepare newspaper payment

* organize pocketbook/tote bag

* homemade pizza and family movie night

Saturday: Playroom, Marketing & H/G/A Maintenance

* put out newspaper payment envelope

* run errands/food shopping

* neaten "man cave" aka downstairs playroom

* organize receipts

* go over budget and bills

* prepare parish collection envelopes

* boys: hair trims (if necessary), fingernail check!

* misc. (seasonal) home/garden maintenance

* auto maintenance (gas, other)

* date-night for mom and dad ❤

Sunday: Family & Faith Day

* family breakfast after Mass

* lesson plan/look at week ahead

* sort through in-boxes

* switch up file folders (move contents/retire folder)

* read Sunday papers

* clip coupons

* work in (have fun with) clippings journal

* catch up on correspondence/blog comments

* brainstorm blog posts for week ahead

Keeping a busy household in balance means having some routines in place. I know this is not necessarily true for everyone, but familiar routines are very helpful to me! I know my family is not as large as some - though I think having all boys AND a special needs child "ups" my challenge factor a bit, lol! But any size family can benefit from some established routines, because it's all stuff that needs to get done at some point, one way or another. By assigning set times to these tasks I find it easier to keep up with it all. It doesn't always mean things get done according to schedule (if done at all!), but it does help me keep things somwhat in balance.

Aside from thoughtful routines I also find having help of utmost importance - thankfully, Bill and the boys are pretty good about pitching in. (And having this all written down is really helpful for those times when I'm down and out - due to illness, surgery, etc.)

Also helpful? Good energy and a very positive attitude! You really can't beat those things at all.


Well friends, this post has gone on long enough, so I will do another post about monthly, seasonal and annual routines sometime soon. I hope this post was helpful or interesting to some folks ... I know I love to read about other people's housekeeping methods, so please do share what works for you! Here in my comments box or via a link to your blog. It's a big job we're handling, being in charge of all these people and the place they live and the things they need to do. But it's the best job on earth, in my (humble) opinion!

Ok, so I'll be off for a bit, but I hope you all have a great weekend ... take care of yourselves and your loved ones! I'll be back here again very soon ...