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Late Afternoon, Mid-March

Wednesday Whatnot

Good morning, my friends! How are you all today?

I myself am a little bleary-eyed this morning, I must say. I was out with girlfriends last night (nothing too crazy - just coffee at the bookshop!) so I got to bed much later than usual, and then roundabouts 1 a.m. Bill and I woke to an absolutely fierce thunderstorm raging overhead! There was thunder, lightning and hail was pelting the roof! Amazingly the kids did not wake up, but it really rattled me, and it took me a while to get back to sleep ...


The coffee's kicking in, so I wanted to stop in to say hi, and maybe chat about a few things. First of all, in case you were not aware, today (3.14) is National Pi Day, so that's kind of neat. We usually have "pie" of some kind on this day - a pizza pie, an egg pie (quiche) or a meat pot pie, perhaps. (I'm thinking chicken pot pie for supper and apple pie for dessert.) Also, in the past we've read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi on this day just for fun. :)

Oh, and it also happens to be National Potato Chip Day, and here's a link that has some interesting potato chip facts. So now I find myself wondering ...

What's your favorite kind of potato chip - brand, flavor?

Have you ever made your own potato chips?

I'd have to say my favorite kind of chip is the "kettle-cooked" variety and I'm rather fond of the Cape Cod brand. I prefer plain over flavored (though I won't say no to barbecue chips on occasion) and I've never made my own but I think it would be fun to try.


Now, while I'm here, I thought I'd show you how our stained glass cross project is shaping up:

Cross project 2

Over the next three weeks I'll add the bottom three panels, and then the middle spot will be filled on Easter morning. I took this picture just now - as you can see it's a cloudy morning here - but when the sun shines through here it looks so pretty!

Another quick note ~ a few of you asked how we liked the Knorr Leek-Potato soup, and I'm sorry not to have responded. As it turned out, I did not make that soup on St. David's Day as originally planned, as I was low on chicken stock. But ... I made it last night and it was delicious! In fact, Bill called it "crazy good," but then, he's easy to please. :)

For the record, we left out the cream as Bill is lactose intolerant, and honestly I didn't miss it. It was delicious with grilled cheese & ham panini and steak fries. (Bill suggests dipping the steak fries into the soup!) And I found it very easy to mix up using my hand blender - rather than putting it through the blender in batches as the recipe instructed. (By the way, that tool is also awesome for whipping cream quickly and with little cleanup.)

Well my friends, I have a few more things to discuss, but I've run out of time ... I need to pack up the younger boys and dash out to pick up Bookworm from his British Literature group ... then get home and make lunch!

If I have time I'll pop back in later ... thanks so much for stopping by!

I will see you again very soon ...