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Masterpiece Monday: Birdsong, pt. 1

Masterpiece logoSo last night we had the return of Once Upon a Time (after a three-week hiatus) ... and there were some big reveals concerning Mr. Gold/Rumpelstilskin and the enigmatic August Booth. What did you all think about that? What do you think August's really up to? And David tried to make amends, but to be honest I'm just so tired of him. He's so far from what I would consider a Prince "charming" I almost don't care if he and Mary Margaret find "true love" again. (I know that sounds harsh ... it might be the early hour and lack of caffeine talking, lol.)

And then we had part one of Birdsong ... which I enjoyed, though I kept thinking I would not. It was beautifully shot ... the French countryside (in the flashbacks) was so lush and serene. Such a contrast with the present day trenches of WWI ... so harsh and ugly with violence. I really had not read up on the story beforehand, so I was surprised by its direction. I knew the protagonists were lovers, but I did not realize she was ... SPOILER! ... married. Was she being abused, or just very unhappy? I could not really figure that out. I know her husband was not intimate with her, but did he verbally (perhaps physically) abuse her about it?

Although I'm not all that crazy about Stephen Waysford (not sure if it's the character or the actor yet), I was glad at the end of last night's show he ... SPOILER! ... was not dead. I really like the supporting cast - particularly Firebrace and Weir.

So next week we'll watch the conclusion and see how this rather somber story plays out!

Well, I hope you all have a nice Monday ... it's raining like crazy here today! It's St. George's Day (belonging to Crackerjack's favorite saint - and England's national day) and it also happens to be Shakespeare's birthday ... so for lunch today it's "fish and chips!" (Fishsticks and tater tots, lol.) And I'll see what I can do about a somewhat "British" supper. :)

See you here again very soon!