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Happy National Teacher Day!

What a great day to remember those teachers who touched our lives in a Teacher 1 meaningful way!

When we think back to our teachers in school, naturally we remember some with more fondness than others ... just as I'm sure teachers remember some students more fondly than others, lol!

In grammar school, I'd say my favorite teacher was Mr. Kingston, 7th grade. He taught English and was very kind and encouraging. He told me he'd see my name in print someday, and I never forgot that. :)

In high school, my favorite teacher was, without a doubt, Sister M.L. (Mary Louise). She taught French and was quite harsh - somewhat infamously, so - but she truly had a heart of gold and a wonderful sense of humor. Of course, I was able to see this only after freshman year ... once I grew a thicker skin and got used to her "style."

And in college, my favorite professor was Chet Raymo (of the Boston Globe) whose fantastic journalism class I took senior year. He taught me SO much about writing and expressing one's point as finely as possible (i.e. in as few words as possible - though I obviously tend to lose sight of that lesson, lol). I remember he and his wife hosted a spaghetti dinner for our class at the end of the semester - it was lovely spring evening, the wine and conversation flowed  ... and I'll always remember it as one of my first "Oh my gosh, I'm a grown-up!" moments. I felt inspired, connected and ready to step out into the world ... which is a good way to feel at the end of your college experience. :)


So, on this National Teacher Day, I'd love to ask you: Who was your favorite teacher in school, and why? If you have a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Well, my friends ... have a GREAT day! I'm off now to scramble eggs, scan the paper, and set out math. Just a typical Tuesday morning for this teacher! But first, before I get too far into my day, I'm going to call my mum and dad and thank them for being the best and most important teachers in my life. Because, "so much of what we know of love we learn at home." (unknown)

See you all again very soon!


"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." ~ Yeats