Our Afternoon Farm Stop
Foxglove, Folk's Glove ...

Honk if you like happy endings ... :D

So, Bill walks by this same goose every day on his way in and out of Boston. He (the goose) is always hanging out by the side of a waterway ... looking kind of lonely. And as we know geese mate for life, we've been wondering if he was a "widower," or just a young fella who had not yet met his mate ..

Well, Bill sent me this photo the other evening ...

Two geese 2

It seems he (the goose) has found himself a lady friend! So that answers our question. (And rather nicely, too.)

And as Bill passed by the happy pair (after taking this picture), the orginal goose looked up, and gave Bill what he called, a rather "knowing" honk. ;D

Best Wishes, Gus and Gert!


Happy Weekend, my frends!