Memorial Day Monday
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Remembering Memorial Day

Good Tuesday Morning, my friends!

What a lovely, long holiday weekend that was! Very festive and fun - but it's hard now to shift back into the "workweek!" Before I launch into my busy Tuesday, I thought I'd share a few pictures from our holiday ...

Mem day 16

I just liked this shot ... our front door open to let in morning light, the neighborhood waking slowly ...  Bill hung our American flag yesterday, and the cats were absolutely fascinated! I didn't get a shot of it, but Ollie in particular just could not take his eyes off this big, new, strange, waving thing ...

Eventually, they curled up and fell asleep in the doorway - I could not resist a picture of this:

Mem day 15

Midday, we hosted a cookout for family and friends ...

Mem day 14

I love setting up the buffet. :)

Here we have leftover Pentecost cupcakes - candles removed, flags inserted - made into Memorial Day treats!

Memorial cupcakes

I love the label on this ketchup bottle ...

Mem day 12

The dining table set with a patriotic display ...

Mem day 11

For our meal we had hamburgers and hotdogs, pasta salad, baked beans, chips, dip - the usual cookout fare. After lunch, we all meandered outside - some to sit and chat, some to play ...

Mem day 9

I served desserts on the deck ...

Mem day 8

There were cupcakes - both the aforementioned vanilla and sprinkle-topped chocolate (brought by Uncle Matt's lovely friend, Erin) - as well as ice cream with fresh berries and homemade raspberry sauce. Yum!

Love this picture of Crackerjack (with Bookworm in the background) ...

Mem day 7

Later on, after the guests had left, the kids lingered outside - it was such a beautiful, "summery" evening ...

Mem day 6

Bill tossed the football around with the boys, while I spied on our robin's nest ...

Mem day 5

Isn't it gorgeous? It's tucked just inside the lilac bush, sitting securely on the fence railing.

The sunset was lovely ... golden and soft. 

Mem day 3

A Memorial Day to remember ~ for family, friends, food, fun ...

Mem day 1

... and the blessing of freedom to enjoy it all!


Hope you all have a GREAT Tuesday ... see you here again very soon!