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Pentecost Sunday Supper!

On the Last Sunday in May ...

After Mass this morning (Happy Pentecost Sunday!), the older boys and I accompanied my folks as they visited family graves. This is a tradition in many families at this time of year. I grew up helping my grandmother attend to the myriad family graves ... I especially enjoyed hearing all the stories about "who was who," and "who lived where" and "who did what." I probably heard the same stories again and again, but that didn't matter ... I was soaking up family history and spending time with my Gram. :)

So our first stop was at a favorite florist to buy plants - next year I *will* make something homemade! - and then it was on to the first cemetery.

Graves 1

It was a beautiful morning to begin with, very bright and mild ...

Graves 2

The boys helped neaten the gravesites by pulling weeds around the headstone ...

Graves 3

Here is where my mother's parents are buried (along with her paternal grandparents). 

Graves 4

And in another cemetery in the next town, we visited the grave of my maternal great-grandparents and beloved great aunt. I never knew my great-grandparents, but I was quite close with Great Aunt Dolly was when I was a very little girl. ...

Graves 5

This statue does not belong to my family, but I thought it was beautiful.

Graves 6

Crackerjack asked if we could stop so he could get a picture of the veterans' graves. My mother's cousin is buried here.

Graves 7

And lastly, we visited the grave of my father's parents and uncle. (Yes, there are Riley's on both sides of my family ... unrelated of course!)

Graves 8

Cemeteries can be hard for people - perhaps children especially - as they are reminders of something painful, a loss of a loved one. But they are also quite beautiful and peaceful ... they offer us a chance to remember those loved ones, and respect the very life with which we've all been so blessed. Goodness knows it goes by so fast ...

I hope you are all having a nice Sunday ... I'm off now to frost feast day cupcakes and mix up a big fruit salad. It's chicken on the grill tonight!

See you all again soon!