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What's in Yer File Folder this Week? (Part 2!)

New batch of folders 2

(Part 1 can be found here.)

So, I just pulled out a new folder for next week - the first from my new batch - and today being Thursday, I took a look at next week and started planning ahead as much as possible. I love the clean look of a new folder, and the bright promise of a new week!

But for this purpose of this post, let's look at what I have in this week's folder. There are lots of notes on the front, with some check marks indicating what's been accomplished so far. And inside, I have ...

Library request sheets (Right now they will remind me what I'm waiting for ... and later on they will help with the end of year reports.)

A coupon for Staples (An online printable - I probably should have cut it right out and stashed it in my marketing binder, but I was in a rush so I just threw it in the folder.)

Recipes to try, or file. (I may get to making them this week, otherwise they'll be filed in my recipe drawer. Recipes I have here: lime butter cookies, lemon curd, oatmeal apricot squares, chicken "Caesar" meatballs.)

A print-out from the Mass. Audubon site with hummingbird feeder information. (This is THE week to put those feeders up.)

An invitation to a party that needs a reply.

The New England Patriots 2012 schedule and analysis. (After I note the games - times, opponents - in my calendar, I'll file this sheet in my Yearbook, under the August tab.)

Our Parish Religious Ed. registration package. (Must be filled out and returned ... we're still deciding on whether to enroll CJ or go it alone - i.e, do the book at home. I taught 7th grade last year and it was not really an atmosphere conducive to learning: one week in which to fit an entire Faith & Life text, working with 20+ mostly nice, but also mostly inattentive kids.)

A flyer for an interesting homeschool group field trip. (I need to look into this further.)

A print out of an email from my cousin with lots of excellent health information I need to read and "digest."

A print out from a website regarding morning glory instructions. (I vow to grow morning glories this year! They are my favorites and I can never find nursery plants at the garden center. They can be tricky to start from seed, though.)

Two catalog pages with great Mother's Day gift ideas.

A print out of my housekeeping routines post because I need to update my daily index cards.


So that's what's in MY file folder this week ... and if you're inclined to share, I'd love to hear what you have in yours! Or maybe you use file folders in a whole different way - and I'd love to hear about that, too!

Now, a few days ago Nicole asked me how many systems I have going at present, and I just had to chuckle. :) I'm sure it seems like I have all these systems running at once, but really, everything is all part of one system. Or I'd like to think it is, but I'm constantly trying to streamline that system as much as possible. I do have different tools that (hopefully) work together in this system (i.e. the file folders, the daybook, the monthly calendar AND the yearbook!) and yes, I will address this question further a post of its own - because it's a very good question, and I like to clarify whenever I can.


As for what I have in next week's folder so far? Well, there's a couple of recipes for our Mother's Day brunch, and some printed information on National Herb Week. Over the weekend I'll go through this week's items and either recycle, file or move things forward. Then I'll return that file folder to the drawer and concentrate on the new week at hand.


And speaking of weeks, I hope yours is going well. But how did it get to be Thursday already? Is your week flying by, too?

My friends, I will leave you for now, but in a few minutes I'll be posting today's entry over at "Daily Bits of Domestic Bliss," my online homekeeping diary. Take a peek if you'd like ... I'm having fun with it so far! :)

And I'll see you all again very soon ...