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A Little Slice of Whole Foods Heaven

Whole foods

Speaking of hot spots, the boys had an art workshop today, and while they were at class, I spent a whole hour and a half ... ON MY OWN ... at Whole Foods. Oh my goodness ... such bliss! And if you regularly shop with children in tow, you know what I mean by that.

So I spent extra time in the "smelly" aisle (as my boys call it) ... and smeared myself with some thick, herb-y lotion. (Then promptly found the ladies' room and washed it off before the smell drove me crazy, lol!)

I examined the bulk foods aisle ... even reading the literature provided! Who knew they had so many neat things in those bins ... my "pantry wheels" started turning.

I perused the gluten-free products and picked up a few things for Earlybird to try.

I talked with the man behind the seafood counter. Like, had a conversation. 

I looked at all the register aisle ends - so many neat things there I always miss! Like seasonal displays and neat lip balms and organic candies ... and oh, the magazines! (Tempting, so tempting!)

Before I left, I bought myself a "peaches and cream" scone ...

... and I took time to smell the flowers.


Many thanks to my mum who has been watching the boys for me during the week so I can get out and do my shopping on my own before the weekend rush. It has made such a difference in my shopping overall, but it's an especially nice treat for me to have that little bit of time to myself.

I'm thinking of doing another "shop talk" post, but this time instead of sharing beauty products and routines, I'll do a food shopping rundown. I think that might be fun, don't you?

Have a GREAT Monday night, everyone ... see you here again very soon!