Some Thoughts on the Weekly Routine
Thoughts on Mother's Morning Time

Friday Felines & Other Fun Things ... :D

All together now:

FF june 1 1

Awwww ...

FF june 1 2

Why yes, we did put those boxes under that bench, just for you guys. Why else would those boxes be there?

Ff june 1 3

This picture just cracks me up: Archie laying on top of Earlybird's stuff - backpack, sneakers and hat. He has a thing about being smack dab in the middle of things ...

FF june 1 4

Ff june 1 5

Ff june 1 7

Ollie, meanwhile, likes to curl up somewhere out of the way - for instance, in the basement windows:

Ff june 1 6


Today we had our last Book Group meeting of the year (June's title: A Wrinkle in Time). Bookworm gave the moms a break and led the kids' discussion this month (he's going to do this next year, too). After the meeting ended, my friend Jenney and I took the kids out for ice cream ...

Book group finale 1

Book group finale 2

A Beautiful Spring Friday - a great day to enjoy ice cream with friends. :) And while we were there we were visited by a red-winged blackbird.  

Red-winged blackbird

Later, back at home, we spotted this cool little moth(?) in the clover patch.

Orange moth on clover 1

And I'm very happy to report the lavender is blooming!

Lavender bed 1


Friday is desk day ...

Friday fun 1

Friday fun 4

Friday fun 5

 ❤ I'm a little in love with my desk. ❤

And guess what this is?

Friday fun 3

It's Crackerjack's new Lego Store Lego set!

Friday fun 2

He got this "exclusive set" last Saturday at the grand opening of a local Lego Store. It wasn't free, but you would get it for free if you spent $30 - which CJ was fully prepared to do. He and Bookworm had been saving money for some Lord of the Rings sets, so all in all, it was a pretty big day in this Lego neighborhood. :)


Well, my friends, I hope you've all had a nice Friday. Boy, did that week fly by fast! And now another weekend is upon us you have any special plans? Bookworm is taking the SAT again tomorrow (prayers are much appreciated!) and Crackerjack's team (tied for 1st place) has its final regular game of the season. Also, my "little" brother turns 40 (40!) this Monday so we'll be having a special little dinner for him on Sunday.

Lots of nice things to look forward to ...

See you all again very soon!