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Happy Cousins' Day!

Thanks to (that handy dandy widget over there on the left), I just learned that today is Cousins' Day ... and thanks to a whole bunch of great cousins, I have many wonderful childhood memories! So today I'm thinking of you guys - and you know who you are - with lots of love, and many laughs!

Also, here's a great "Cousin Tree" chart that explains how we define just WHO is WHAT kind of cousin. I can never keep that stuff straight, lol. But hey, a "family tree" study would be a fun summer project! Something to bring to that family reunion, perhaps? Or include in a Christmas newsletter?

So if you are lucky enough to have cousins, why not send them a little love today? Say a little prayer for them and their families, maybe send them an email - perhaps with a photo attached, one taken years ago - when everyone had funny haircuts and skinned knees.


Have a great Tuesday, my friends! See you here again sometime soon ... 

KG cousins