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Just Loving those Cork Tiles!

Dawn to dusk board 2

So when I posted about Earlybird's routine cards last week, a few people mentioned (here and elsewhere) that they liked the idea of a "to-do" board for themselves ... and that got me thinking! I had actually picked up two packages of corkboard, so I had an extra four tiles just hanging around ... waiting for me to do something with them ... ;)

And then the other day my friend Leslie posted a picture of how she used her tiles - in the kitchen, as "to-do" boards for herself and her kids - and I loved it! So today, in the midst of a major bedroom cleaning spree, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration and knew just where to hang my own board, and how to use it:

Dawn to dusk board 5

So my "reminder" board displays my daily routine, with to-do's separated by colored time cards (early morning, midday, afternoon and evening). Instead of flipping around like EB's cards do, my cards will stay put. I just listed out the tasks that need doing in that portion of the day.

Now, you'd think I'd know all these daily to-do's by heart now (and mostly, I do) but I'm the type of person who really benefits from visuals like this. On busy days when I'm running on fumes, I like to give my brain a break. Reminders like this help with that.

I stuck my cork board on the side of a bookcase, smack dab in the middle of "command central." When I stand at the kitchen island and work at my binder/folder/laptop - whatever -this is what I see when I look to my right. And obviously I embellished a little ... with lace doilies and a paper ribbon across the top. I used sticker letters to spell out "Dawn to Dusk," which is a bit silly, really ... but I couldn't resist.


And, because I had cork boards on the brain and I was right in the middle of cleaning the older boys' bedroom, I decided they could use reminder boards as well. :)

Cork tiles - boys room 2

I haven't decided exactly how we'll use their boards, but I like them here just on principle.

And now I have just one cork tile left ... so Bill had better look out!


 Well, my friends, I hope you've all had a nice weekend. Ours was quite nice indeed ... even more so because Bill has tomorrow off! Which is always a treat. :) Beautiful weather today - sunny and warm, but not as humid as it's been. The sun's on its way down now, and it looks to be a very pleasant evening. I'm going to sign off now as it appears dinner is here (takeout tonight!) ... but I thank you all for stopping by and leave you with a wish for a good night and a promise to see you sometime tomorrow!