And the Knitting Book winner is ...
Earlybird's Routine Cards

Another Learning Room Corner ...

Because I'm on a roll!

Learning room 1

Yesterday I set up Earlybird's "learning wall" and today I reorganized his (our) nature/world corner. The map's the only new thing here (our old one was battered to bits). Everything else is old stuff - just rearranged in a new way.

I had to scooch down the loveseat a little ...

Learning room 2

You could say it looks a bit cramped, but I call it cozy. :)

Now here's how that corner looks, close up ...

Learning room 9

A basket of field guides ...

Learning room 8

Favorite nature books (with magnifying glasses lying on top), and a new family nature journal. I find it gets too scattered, insisting on individual journals, so instead, we'll keep one family book in which we can all add observations, sketches, etc. (I just wrote: Spotted the wee bunny in the front yard after a brief rainstorm. 7/2/12 4 p.m.)

Learning room 10

A storm candle - every summer we must have a storm candle! - and our Birdsong Identiflyer (currently sans batteries but I've got some charging downstairs). Also, a favorite little book of "Summer" poems and prayers.

Learning room 11

Baskets of books on the shelf underneath, and a basket of science and nature magazines. In the narrow space between the table and wall we have oversized atlas books.

Learning room 12

And of course, the world map is here, with EB's sticky notes marking places he'd like to visit. :)

Learning room 15

The windowsill holds a small cache of clutter ... a jam jar and candle pots holding nature bits and bobs ... our clamshell nature angel and wooden St. Francis doll ...

Learning room 14

(We don't open this window as there is no screen. I forget why it's down, but I'm sure there's a reason. It remains to be seen whether or not I keep these small items out on display ... so far the cats have not bothered with them.)

Looking up ...

Learning room 17

... clearly, this basket is for me. :)

And looking down ...

Learning room 18

... clearly, this basket is for Archie.


So now I'm working on the family computer corner and mama's reading nook ... making summer changes, weeding out last year's stuff ... I'll be back soon to share more on all that!

Have a great night, everyone!