Home Management Binder - Update!
It's been busy, but ...

So, I'm feeling pretty tickled tonight ...

... for two very nice reasons:

The first and more important being - my Dad did very well today! His surgery went like "textbook" according to his surgeon, and tonight he's resting (fairly) comfortably. He's on very good pain meds and has wonderful nurses so we can all rest easy tonight. Thank you, everyone, for all the good thoughts and prayers - and may I take a moment to say, thank you GOD for guiding my dad and his doctor today, and keeping those of us who love him in a place of comfort and peace. 

{I'll keep the updates coming, for sure!}

Now, the other thing I'm so happy about tonight ... my file crate system was featured at SimpleMom.net tonight! The author of this awesome post, referenced my file crate system archives and I am just so honored! I can't tell you how it pleases me to hear this system works out so well for other people. Many, many thanks to Kara for the plug! Please check out her post and the comments - lots of great file folder talk to be found there!


I'm sure there's more I meant to say, but the day's catching up with me ...

So have a good one my friends ... see you here again very soon!