Money Monday: Grocery $ (& a Giveaway!)
A Thought for Thursday ...

Happy August!

KG ladies at beach
Good morning, my friends!

My first item of business today (after "rabbit, rabbit" of course) is to announce the winner of my Money Monday giveaway, and that would be ...

{... drumroll, please ...}


Congratulations, Becky! I will be in touch very soon to arrange all the mailing details. I hope you and your family enjoy Playful Learning!

So, I use an online random number generator when choosing a giveaway winner, but I'd like to share Becky's answer to my query because I thought it was great: 

"Groceries are our biggest money drain in the budget. If we aren't careful, we can go way overboard. We spend about $500-600 per month for two adults and two three-year-olds. I'm still working these days (but that will change very soon when I get to be a stay at home mom later this year!), so we buy more convenience foods than we should. Plus, I try to buy organic produce for the kids whenever possible. Our garden helps offset a lot of that but they love fresh fruits, and I'm happy to supply them with all they can eat."

Now, if you haven't had a chance to read all the comments that go along with that post, you really should take a look. Such great food for thought in there! And some more grocery/budgeting questions to ponder too ... I'll be in there later today to add my .02 cents. ;)

A few other things to mention this morning:

1. Dad came home last night! Recovery will take some time, but it's so good to have him home. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. ❤

2. I have sitting here, on my counter, a finally complete and ready-to-mail ed. plan package. I love it when this project's behind me ... now it's time to focus on the new year!

3. My dear newsletter friends - you've been so patient - and I'm happy to say the Midsummer News is currently in the printing process! And I'm preparing the envelopes so the wait should be not much longer ...

4. Here's a neat printable Back-to-School Checklist from the MomAgenda website. Good things to consider whatever kind of "school" your kids go back to ...

5. And here's a neat waterproof book cover you can make. What a great idea for the summer! Books are always in peril on the beach and by the poolside.

6. And finally, look what Earlybird just spotted on our deck ...

Baby robin

An Earlybird!


Well, I think that's all I have for now ... I will be catching up with comments this afternoon so I'll see you around here again very soon!