And the winner is ....
Happy Anniversary, Archie & Oliver!

Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday, Crackerjack!

J is 13!

I cannot believe how fast time has flown, and now my middle son - this boy! - is now a teenager! My goodness!

Dear CJ,

You are such a sweet and loving boy, always thinking of others and putting friends and family first. You are blessed with brightness, good humor and wonderful creativity ... and best of all, such a happy heart ... when I looked for a picture for this post I realized that you are always smiling!

Thirteen years ago you were born on August 13th ... two days early, and a Friday, to boot! Friday the 13th officially became a day of GOOD luck that year ... because you came into our family and we are ever so blessed that you did!

May God Bless you today, Crackerjack - today and everyday! We love you so much!