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Money Monday: Kids, Money & Chores

Happy Monday, my friends!

For this week's topic, I'd like to talk about kids and money and household responsibilities ... so here are my questions for you:

1. Do you give your children an allowance, and if so, must they earn it by doing chores? 

2. How do your children handle their money - deciding what to spend, save, and give?

3. Do your children have jobs outside the home?

My answers:

1. Our children receive an allowance, and while it's not tied specifically to chores, there is the understanding that being a member of this family means helping where you can and when you're asked.

2. We allow the kids to decide how much to spend, save and give (and it's their responsibility to keep track of their allowance), but recently we've asked them to make some thoughtful decisions about this system ... especially in regards to giving.

3. Bookworm does lawn work and pet sitting for relatives and neighbors. Crackerjack does weeding for my dad and earns a tidy sum for himself each week. (My dad insists on paying the boys even though I insist he not, lol.)

KG leafy branch 2

And here is the breakdown of our kids' chores. We don't post a checklist - for the most part, they just know what they're expected to do - although, reminders are certainly helpful!


Bookworm (17):

keep room/bed neat

take care of his stuff (clutter)

help with end-of-day neatening

refresh cats' water

brush cats

play with cats

fill birdfeeders

empty dishwasher

put out trash & recycling

help Dad with lawn (mowing, raking, etc.)

help Dad with snow shoveling

clear dishes

bring in groceries

cook some smaller meals for himself (bagels, sandwiches, salads, reheating)

vacuum (on occasion)

assist with carpentry and household repairs

keep track of library bag

babysit (on occasion)

Crackerjack (13 next week):

keep room/bed neat

take care of his stuff (clutter)

help with end-of-day neatening

fill cats' dry food dish

brush cats

play with cats

help fill birdfeeders

empty dishwasher

some food prep (getting his own toast/cereal/fruit/sandwiches/snacks)

put out trash & recycling

help with lawn care (weeding, raking, mulch, etc.)

help with snow removal (cleaning off cars)

clear dishes

bring in groceries

vacuum (on occasion)

Earlybird (10, special needs)

make his bed/help keep his room neat

water plants

help with garden

help with birdfeeders

neaten toys and clutter

help clear dishes

help with some cooking

help with compost

help with dusting, sweeping

help wash/dry laundry


Currently, I'm trying to work on a better sense of budgeting so that my boys understand that it's important to be thoughtful with our money. I'm even considering going to a cash budget for a time so we can all see just where and how quickly the weekly monies go. It's so easy to whip out a card at the cash register but if you've gone over budget it's not as readily apparent ...

Bottom line ~ money is not something to be taken for granted, and being smart about how we spend means we can save - and give - more. And our responsibility extends beyond a simple list of chores ... it means being careful with, and grateful for, all that we have.

Well, my friends, if you have a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject. I know it tends to be a hot topic! But as always, I thank you for stopping by and wish you a good day ...

See you here again very soon!