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The Lego Party that Almost Was ...

Lego bday 8

So yesterday was supposed to be Crackerjack's "friends" birthday party (as opposed to his "family" party which takes place next weekend) but alas, we had to postpone it. We spent much of last week preparing - working off a big master list - and by Saturday bedtime I had *everything* all set to go (save for picking up balloons, ordering pizza and filling the coolers with ice) ...

But great organization is no match for a 1 a.m. stomach bug, I'm afraid.

(Timing is everything, right?)

Anyhoo! We've rescheduled the kids party for a few weeks out (something to look forward to, right?) and Crackerjack was a really good sport about it. And he did get to open a few gifts ...

Lego bday 10

While I have you here, I'll show you how the cake came out ...

Lego bday 1

(Longtime readers might remember I've made this minifig cake before - CJ requested it again!)

Lego bday 5

Lego bday 3

Lego bday 6

Lego bday 7

Lego bday 4

But, oh my - the food dye I used for this frosting! I was cringing, lol. But it was the only way to get those vibrant "Lego" colors. (I was also planning to serve homemade chocolate cupcakes with plain vanilla frosting for Earlybird and those who don't tolerate artificial food dyes. I hadn't made those yet before the bug hit.)

Needless to say - now that the bug has passed - we have ourselves a bit of cake to eat. Could I freeze it all? Probably, but I've never been very successful at freezing baked goods. So all this will be made again fresh come September 1st ~ the date of the rescheduled party!


Now, I know I usually do a "Money" post on Mondays, but I will wait and put that up tomorrow since I've already posted so much today and it's starting to get late ... time to make Crackerjack's "favorite" birthday supper: kielbasa and veggie bake, couscous and ... waffle dippers! ;)

So please stay tuned! And I'll see you all again sometime soon!