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Thoughtful Thursday: A Job and a Blessing!

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We've been talking lately about mothers working at home - and all the different ways we work at home - so here's a great article that describes homeschooling as a full-time job: 


Bottom line: As homescooling moms, we're working two jobs at home, not just one!

I always start off a week thinking - because I'll be at home more often than not and my time is mostly my own - that I'll be able to knock so many things off my "to-do" list. When in reality, I often struggle just to get the priorities done and I usually end the week adding more things to that list.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share some nourishing "food for thought" for we homsechooling mamas ... let's not be hard on ourselves when we fall behind in our "keeping." Let's remember we're juggling a lot of plates above our heads.

Have a good Thursday, my friends!