Happy Autumn Equinox!
Money $ Monday: Marriage Matters

Autumn Comforts

Autumn bedding

As the nights start to cool, I like to make up our bed with this pretty fall bedding. Typically I do this on the autumn equinox, unless of course we're having unseasonably warm weather. Our days are nice and mild right now, but the evenings are rather nippy. This sheet set is as soft as butter and makes a nice bridge between summer and fall - it's bright and sunny, but warm and cozy as well.

Well I wish you all a pleasant Sunday ... I have just caught up with a week's worth of comments and I once again must apologize for taking so long. I really am finding our fall schedule a bit overwhelming and my routine feels all "off." I'm hoping it's just a matter of me finding my rhythm again and not an unmanagable schedule. We're only a few weeks into the new year after all ...

I hope to have a "Money Monday" post up tomorrow morning, but my plan for the following week is to revert back to "Masterpiece Mondays" as I'll be watching that new series, Call the Midwife on Sunday nights. It premieres on 9/30 and I can't wait to check it out!

Other things to look forward to this week:

Michaelmas, aka The Feast of Archangels

Tuesday Teatime resumes!

A very interesting field trip ...

Autumn nature painting ...

... and the Full Harvest Moon!

My friends, I'll see you all again very soon!