National Punch Day!
Peace be with You!

Friday Photos by Bookworm

Bookworm recently enrolled in an eight-week photography class and these are a few of the photos from his first class ...

Bw class 1

Bw class 2

Bw class 3

(That shot reminds me of the tree ents in LotR!)

Orb web spider

That last picture was taken by me, actually. This is a gorgeous (and ginormous!) orb weaver spider that lives in our backyard. We've been watching it all week and we are just fascinated! Bookworm helped me pick settings on my camera so I could get a fairly clear shot. :)

I'm looking forward to watching Bookworm catch the "shutterbug" as I have, and I am excited for him to learn more about using my camera! (He's using my Sony Nex 5 for this class.) I only use the very basic settings so we both have a lot to learn!

Well, have a great Friday, my friends ... see you here again very soon!