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It's Johnny Appleseed Day!

Here are a few apple-y activities for your consideration ... :)

Go apple picking!

Bake apples for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Make apple picking totes.

Conduct an apple survey.

Learn about Johnny Appleseed.

Read about apples:

Apple book 1
Apples for Everyone

Apple book 2
How Do Apples Grow?

Apple book 3
The Life and Time of the Apple

Bake your own cider donuts.

Learn fractions with apple slices.

Look for apple stars.

Make up an apple poem:

All the apples bright and red,

They’re hard as rocks, just like your head!

The stars inside, they shine so bright.

The apples glow from their light.

~ By Crackerjack, age 8

What are your favorite apple activities? Do you have a favorite apple variety - for baking or snacking? The Macintosh will always be my favorite in any capacity. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends! See you here again very soon!