Wordless Wednesday ~ by Bookworm
National Punch Day!

Silence is (apparently) golden ...

Eb at Petsmart

A trip to the pet store was part of our science study this week (current topic: classification). So we're walking around Petsmart, observing all the myriad species and how they differ (fur/scales/fins/feathers), but Earlybird totally catches on that I'm trying to make this a "teaching moment."

EB: "Mom, look! It's a Nemo fish!"

(EB points out a bright orange fish of some kind or another.)

Me: "Wow, that's so cool. Yeah, that fish is a lot like a clownfish because it's small and orange and its fins are kind of ..."

(EB sighs.)

EB: "Mom? Don't talk about it, ok? Just don't talk about it."

Me: *zips lips*
Do you ever find yourself making everything a teaching moment? It's hard to resist sometimes! Do your kids ever call you on it?
Have a great Thursday, my friends! See you here again very soon ...