Thursday Tea ~ on the Feast of St. Francis
Bookworm's Confirmation!

Friday Felines ~ by the Boys

Archie under runner

Archie, making himself comfortable on the dining table, under the quilted runner.

(Taken by Bookworm)

Ollie on bench

Oliver, hanging out on the deacon's bench.

(Taken by Crackerjack)


What are your pets getting up to these days? :)

Our church does a "blessing of the pets" for the Feast of St. Francis - which is a lovely idea, really - but I think we'll opt out this year. For one thing, our cats would not be pleased with the impromptu car ride (nor the caged carriers) but for another, they're both vulnerable to upper respiratory infections so I don't want to risk the exposure - or their wrath, lol!

I hope you all have a nice weekend ... see you here again very soon!