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Tuesday Tea ~ and Our Due Date!

Tea and baby books 2

I took time yesterday afternoon to sit down for a cup of tea, but alas, there was not enough time for a post. So here it is today instead. :)

The photo of my sunny sitting spot is a bit on the bright and blurry side, but I loved how it looked ... all soft and radiant with color. It made me think of nursery mornings and the way a new baby smells ... sweet and deliciously fresh. 

My tea this week is a bit on the weak side ... I still can't do herbals, but a decaf black tea is just right, with lots of milk and a dash of sugar. (My favorite "Constant Comment" tastes all wrong to me at the moment, so instead I chose a simple "British Breakfast.") And a cup of ready-made applesauce is a quick and tasty snack. I still don't have much of an appetite, but I find - as many of you suggested - keeping my stomach filled and blood sugar level seems to help with the morning sickness.

(And morning sickness is somewhat of a misnomer, is it not? How about every-waking-moment sickness, lol.)

The books on my side table are a few current favorites:

What to Expect When You're Expecting

But of course. :) I actually gave away my original copy so I ordered a new (and updated) copy through Amazon. I love its wealth of information and reassuring tone. There's an answer to every conceivable pregnancy question in this book.

What to Eat When You're Expecting

This is my original copy which I came upon downstairs the other day. (I'm having such fun unearthing all my old pregnancy-baby-early childhood books!) I swore by the "Best Odds" diet when I was pregnant with Bookworm - lo those many years ago - once the first trimester queasies passed.

A Guide to Natural Housekeeping

A recent impulse buy, I am simply savoring this book, a guide to "a calmer, healthier, eco-friendly home." It's written by the owner of Cabbage & Roses, purveyors of fine English fabrics, fashion and housewares, and filled with the most delicious eye-candy ... as well as an abundance of natural housekeeping recipes and ideas.

Mom's Almanac

I had originally purchased this lovely book years ago as a baby shower gift, but then greedily decided I had to keep it for myself, lol. Then recently I considered offering it here as a giveaway, but again, I held onto it. I just couldn't bear to part with it, even though I thought I'd outgrown the need of it. ;)

Well, I'm so glad to have it now! It's huge, first of all, and filled with the most charming, old-fashioned illustrations. But more than that, there's just so much great information in here and lots of neat checklists. (And you know how I love me some checklists!)


Speaking of charming, old-fashioned illustrations, here are some scrapbooking papers I picked up last weekend ...

Baby papers

Aren't they sweet?

I've decided to make up my own pregnancy/baby planner (I bet you're not surprised!) and I was quite taken with these "vintage-look" papers. There are all kinds of colors here, mind you - blue *and* pink as well as yellow, peach and green. ;) My first OB appointment is later this week and I can't wait to file and record all the pertinent information.


And oh my gosh, I just realized I made you read (or perhaps, skim) through this whole post before getting to the big due date reveal! I swear it was not my intention - my brain is a bit scrambled these days ...

Ok, so we've been informed us that our official due date is:

 ~ May 27th, 2013 ~ Memorial Day! ~

What a spring it will be ... it seems so far off, but I know, as all moms do, how quickly time passes ... how quickly our children grow while we're busy doing other things ... like cooking, cleaning, driving, managing ... and gestating. :)


Well, my friends, thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing a cup and a chat with me. I hope your week's going nicely. :)

Take care and be well ...

I'll see you here again very soon!