Organizing the Nest Survey, Part 10 ~ Correspondence
Organizing the Nest Survey ~ Two Giveaway Winners!

Cat on a Cool, Wood Beam ...

(Too bad it's not Wordless Wednesday ...)

Ollie on beam 2

So Ollie took it upon himself to scale the ceiling beams this morning, and see what the skylights are all about ...

A fun little project for 5 a.m.

Ollie on beam 3

Crazy cat.

Fyi, he made it down fine - jumped to the mantel first, then the floor from there. After walking the beam back and forth a few times and mewing at me pathetically ...

(And yes, I took the pictures before figuring out how to get him down.)

Meanwhile, Archie stood below watching, positively green with envy: Why hadn't he thought of that first?

Quite a start to my day ~ woke me up better than a 2nd cup of coffee!

Have a great Thursday, my friends ...