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Organizing the Nest Survey, Part 3 ~ Calendars


Happy Sunday, everyone!

 Continuing with my organization survey, today's topic is calendars... and as my regular readers know, this is a real hot-button topic for me!

Yes indeedy, I'm a bit of a calendar junkie ... forever trying to find (or make) THE perfect calendar. One that looks nice and feels right, and fits every possible need I might have as a woman/wife/mom/homeschooler, etc.!

But of course, this just doesn't exist (perfection that is, there are plenty of calendars out there), and yet - that doesn't stop me from searching! And it doesn't stop me from showing you all what new calendar system/style/brand I'm trying out next ...

Simply put, calendars make me crazy - but mostly in a good way. ;)

So! Today's survey questions are as follows:

1. How many calendars are you currently using?

2. What kind of calendar(s) do you use?

3. Where do you keep/store/display your calendar?

4. Do you take a calendar with you when you are out and about?


So clearly, we've discussed calendars here on more than one occasion, but I hope you'll still humor me! Also, some of your previous answers have been so wonderfully thorough that you may have answered my calendar questions already. If this is the case, just let me know below - ex. See my "to-do list" comment for calendar details. Today's comment will still count as another entry in the giveaway.


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(Remember - each time you comment your name is entered in the contest!)


Now, I anticipate the next topic in this series will be posted on Tuesday, as I'd like to devote Monday's post to our Downton Abbey chat. :)

So our Sunday evening is quite jam-packed with fun television-viewing - perfect for couch-rest! - the AFC Championship game at 6:30, Once Upon a Time at 8, and of course, Downton at 9. A power nap is on my afternoon calendar, that's for sure. :)


Have a great Sunday my friends, and ...