Organizing the Nest Survey, Part 7 ~ Seasonal Planning
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Organizing the Nest Survey, Part 8 ~ Arts, Crafts & Hobbies


Happy Monday, everyone!

Today's survey focuses on the time, space and materials involved in arts, crafts and hobbies. Speaking in FlyLady terms, this is another "hotspot" for me. I love collecting (Bill might say amassing) craft supplies of all kinds, but I'm not always careful with how I store them ...

And finding time to fit crafting into an already pretty full schedule is no easy task either. When the boys were little we crafted regularly as part of our homeschooing week, but now that they're older it's not as big a part of our curriculum. I love to dabble in crafts and Earlybird really loves art projects - the messier the better! - and I suspect with the new baby coming, I'll l be back on the "kiddie craft wagon" before long. :) So I'm itching to get my supplies in order and figure out an easy (easier?) way to fit crafting - creative expression - into our week.

So, my questions for you all today are as follows ...

1. What kinds of arts/crafts/hobbies are part of your life?

2. Where and how do you store crafting supplies?

3. Time-wise, how do you fit crafting into your life? (On your own or with kids?)


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(Remember - each time you comment your name is entered in the contest!)


Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in my survey! I'll have a few more posts this week and then I'll announce the TWO winners on Friday. :)

Have a great Monday my friends ... see you here again sometime soon!


p.s. That crockpot cake I made yesterday came out great! Even after Earlybird unplugged the crockpot for an undetermined length of time ... it recovered beautifully! :)