A Sign of Spring?
Thinking ahead to Next Week ...

Snow's a-comin' ... update*

Snow map

*Updated snow map as of Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. ...

Snow map updated

(Yep, we live in the red zone ... guess I should be careful what I wish for!)

To begin sometime Friday, with potential blizzard conditions overnight ...

(Disregard my robin post from yesterday - apparently I was getting ahead of myself!)

My friends, how do you prepare for a snowstorm?

* Groceries gathered?

* Snowblower checked?

* Plans reshuffled?

* Good movies (and books) in queue?

* Birdfeeders filled?

* Candles and flashlights stockpiled?

* Cell phones (and other devices) charged?

* Firewood laid in?


Now, the timing of this storm's not too bad since school kids should be home by the time things really get going, and most folks I'd guess could leave work a little early. Since I usually do my marketing on Saturdays, I'll be shifting those errands to later this week. (As will the rest of the community of course.)

So it looks like Old Man Winter will be getting his jollies this weekend ... and I for one am somewhat pleased. I know not everyone enjoys snow, but I do - in February, at least, when it's what to expect in New England. A snowy winter is traditional in our parts, and somehow it makes the spring all the sweeter. :)

Off to start my day now ... hope you all have a good one!


*Weather map courtesy WHDH.com*