Wordless Wednesday ~ by Crackerjack
For those of us with autistic children ...

Baby Days Ahead ...


Well, it may be hard to believe (I know it is for me!) but, as of this posting, I am 32 weeks pregnant ...

Time sure is a-tickin' away!

And it's been nearly 12 years since we last had a baby in this house, so needless to say we're a bit out of practice! So I'm trying to formulate a "plan" for those first weeks home with our little one ... what he'll need as a newborn, what I'll need as a "new" mom, and what we'll need as a family (re)adjusting to life with a baby in the house.

So far I've written out a layette list and I'm working on streamlining our household since I'll probably be out of commission for a little while. But I'd love your suggestions ...

What helped you most in those first postpartum weeks?

What did you do to prepare your nest (feathers and family) for a new baby?

Here are my notes so far ...

The Layette List:

diapers • onesies (ls/ss) • newborn caps • sun hat • wee socks • receiving blankets/swaddling blankets • light sleepers • bunting/sleepsack • undershirts • light cotton pants • burp cloths • bassinet & bedding • nursing pillow • washable nursing pads •  nursing bras/pajamas • breast pump & accessories • nursing shawl • changing pad & cover • diaper wipes • small washcloths • baby bathtub • natural baby wash & lotion • hooded towel • natural diaper cream • baby nail clippers • pacifiers • thermometer • infant acetaminophen & anti-gas medicine • rocking chair • play mat/floor blankets • board books • soothing music • baby announcements & stamps • baby sling/wrap • infant car seat • stroller

(Some things we have already, some things we're borrowing, and some things we still need to pick up.)

Other "Babymoon" Ideas:

household "how to" binder for helpers • posted family schedule with rides arranged • lesson plans through June • list of easy meal ideas • meals prepared ahead • a well-stocked pantry • favorite plants in before end of May • spring/summer clothes sorted • comfy/easy spring bedding

I'd love to hear your thoughts, advice - brand name suggestons? - on this subject. If you have a moment, please drop me a note below.

And have a great Thursday, my friends!