Masterpiece Monday: Call the Midwife (season 2, ep. 2)
Wordless Wednesday

How many tabs do YOU have open?

Woman's mind

I saw this (where else?) on the Internet and I thought it was pretty funny - and quite true! Just had to share it with you all.


Do you find you have a whole lot of "tabs" open in your mind at one time? What would those tabs be? What preoccupies your thoughts on any given day?

The kids ... the house ... the husband ... the meals ... the money ... the to-do's ...


And do your tabs, like mine, stay open all night? It's hard to "shut down" and "power off" isn't it? How do you "log off" before bed?

Just some things rattling around in my brain this morning - yet another open tab in my browser!


Have yourselves a lovely Tuesday, my friends!