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Tons of Easter Pictures & a 32-Week Bump Shot!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday ... our weekend was wonderful, and the weather was perfect. Just like early spring in New England should be ... sunny and 50 degrees. I have about a bajillion pictures to share with you, so I'd best get on with it!


Easter crocus

Bookworm took the picture of the crocus above. A beautiful sign of life on this most blessed day.

Easter 1

On the Easter Vigil, a plate of hard-boiled eggs ready to color ...

Easter 3

Bill helping Earlybird with egg-dipping. I had really hoped to do "natural" egg dyes this year (all the rage right now, but more importantly, a great idea for chemical-sensitive kids like EB) but I just couldn't pull it together. A project for next year perhaps? I'm sure things will quiet down once we have an infant in the house. ;)

Easter 2

Easter eggs always remind me a bit of Christmas lights ... two bright ends of the same circle. :)

Easter 5

Eggs drying ...

Easter 4

And baskets ready to fill ...

A few hours later, veeerrry early Easter morning ...

Easter 6

(Some of us were more awake than others.)

Easter 7

The boys and their baskets ~ time to start the day!

Easter 9

Four baskets this year, including one for Baby-O on the far right.

Easter 31

We've had this silk forsythia wreath for a few years now, and to me it has become such a symbol of spring. I love hanging it where it can catch the sun.

Easter 30

Cut flowers soaking up the morning sun, waiting to be arranged into vases.

Easter 8

My mum made 20 of these beautiful felt napkin rings ... in addition to the colors above, she also made white, lavender and deep purple flowers.

Easter 11

A sunny bay window filled with Easter treats for our guests ...

Easter 14

Earlybird receiving a special Easter gift from his Nana and Papa ...

Easter 13

A gorgeous wooden tree house handmade in Vermont!

Easter 15

The dessert station filling up ...

(Penny, these next two photos are especially for you. :))

Easter 16

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake made by my Uncle Karl.

Easter 17

A sweetly sprinkled and frosted chocolate cake made by my Mum.

Easter 18

Mixed candies ...

Easter 34

I love using old family dishes for parties like this ...

The above "asparagus" dish belonged to my grandmother - perfect for Easter or any spring gathering.

Easter 32

The dining room table set for eight with blue dishes (some mine, some mum's).

Easter 33

And the family room tables set for 12 with old family linens and our wedding china.

Easter 22

Just before dinner ~ it was time to look for those eggs! 

Easter 23

This is Connor, one of our cousins from New York. He worked so hard helping EB find all those eggs!

Easter 24

My dad and my brother, Matt.

Easter 25

My lovely Aunt Marcia with my one of my cousin's dogs ~ this is either Sophie or Lily, I'm not sure. 

Easter 35

A bit of a fuzzy shot, but this is my cousin Kara and her boyfriend, Manuel.

Connor's little brother, Finn ~ just two years old and the sweetest little boy.

Easter 27

Bookworm and my cousin Kate who kindly agreed to be Baby-O's godparents!

And speaking of Baby-O ...

Easter 28

32 Weeks today! (I felt like a giant Easter egg, lol.)


Whew, that was a whole lot of pictures! If you're still with me, I thank you for your patience, and for sharing in our day ... one of the things I love most about blogging is having this convenient place to store family pictures and memories. It's fun to look back at how we did things, who was with us, and how things have changed (or not) through the years.


Have yourselves a good night, my friends ... see you here again sometime soon!