☀ Little Bear is 2 Months Old!
A Baptism & a Graduation Party! (BIG post ahead!)

Little Boy in the Hood

Owen in hoodie 2

Wearing his first tiny hoodie, Little Bear was all snug on a recent trip to the supermarket ... we had a rare chilly day here (in the midst of a super hot summer) so this soft jersey jacket was just the thing.


And LB had his 2-month checkup today and I'm happy to report he is up another pound and an inch! He fussed during the weigh in, but flirted up a storm with the pediatrician - I was a bit jealous, I'll admit! (He was giving her *my* smiles, lol!)

Then he had his "ouchies" - 3 shots and an oral vaccine - and he was NOT a happy camper during that ... until he got back in his mama's arms ... then all was right once again.


Hope your week's going well so far ... Thank you again for all the comments, advice, good wishes and prayers ... I appreciate every bit of encouragement and support!