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My Autumn Giveaway Winner!

Good Monday morning afternoon, my friends!

Sorry to be so late with this post ... Little Bear had his 4-month check-up very early this morning and the in-and-out, out-and-about has set me back a bit today! (He did very well, though!)

Here's a quick picture, taken before the shots ...

Owen @ checkup


So! I'm very happy to announce the winner of my Autumn giveaway:

Kara has won my extra copy of Fall!!!

Her "baby days" comment was so lovely ...

My favorite baby pastime, strange as it may seem, is walking around the house (or rocking, depending on the babe) - those sways, dips, bobs that make up the "mama dance" in the early mornings and sometimes late at night. The house is quiet, baby is getting ready to (hopefully) rest and it is so nice, so sweet to have that time, to cuddle, to gently dance together. I'll miss it <3

Not strange at all, Kara - I know just what you mean! There is nothing quite so satisfyingly sweet as walking about our home with our babe in our arms. I find this time around with Little Bear I am savoring so much more, aware of just how fleeting these days - moments! - truly are. Just holding him close - he's too little to fidget down from my arms - is precious. We have our little stops around the house as we walk - the mirror, the window, the bookcase with all its little displays. Right now as I type I have him in the Baby Bjorn and his warmth and weight feels so good. :) 

So thank you Kara - thank you ALL - for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I enjoyed reading about all your own baby loves and memories. And Kara, I will be in touch soon to arrange mailing details ~ I hope you enjoy your copy of Fall as much as we have!

Take care everyone, and enjoy this beautiful Monday ... I have a Bits-n-Bobs post coming later today!