Happy October!
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Angels on Wednesday

Good evening, my friends! I hope your Wednesday's been pleasant ...

Here in New England it's been so lovely ... one of those days I wish I could bottle up and keep forever ... or at least until next year! Today was so gorgeously sunny and warm, it felt like Summer's goodbye kiss. The kind of day I would have loved to grab my camera and drive around town seeking out good shots. :)

* Well, today also happens to be the Feast of the Guardian Angels and it always makes me think of my grandmother, whose go-to prayer was the familiar favorite, "Angel of God, my guardian dear ... " To this day that's Crackerjack's bedtime prayer.

In fact, I have two special ladies on my mind this week - my Gram and Bill's Grammie, who were both "angels" to so many people in their lives. Gram's patron saint was St. Francis (whose feast day is Friday) and Bill's grandmother's patroness was St. Therese whose feast day was yesterday.

Grammie, Gram and Me

Both of these dear women taught me so much about living a good, holy life - about serving my loved ones and enjoying the small things in life. How I wish they were still with us.

* A sweet little book for this week ... one I usually request from the library but forgot to this year:

Angels book

Angels, Angels Everywhere

* Here's a long-ago post I wrote filled with "angel" crafts and a recipe for angel kisses. A bit of feast day fun for the littles ... goodness that seems just like yesterday.

* And here's a neat link for you: 25 Pumpkin Desserts to Eat this Fall. Oh my. And speaking of pumpkin, I am excited to try this intriguing recipe for a "Pumpkin Steamer." I adore steamed milk - Bill and I visited Nantucket many years ago and one foggy evening I enjoyed an almond steamed milk before we retired to our inn. It was so soothing and delicious! I've been a fan ever since. :)

What's your favorite pumpkin food: sweet, savory or otherwise?


Must be off now, my friends ... have yourselves a wonderful evening!