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Happy November Things

Owen sunday best 1

You might remember a post from this summer, in which I showed you a beautiful baby sweater set, a handmade gift from a dear friend ... well, we finally got a picture of Little Bear wearing it and I wanted to share it here!

Isn't it gorgeous? The yarn is so soft, with a nice bit of stretch to it (I'm hoping it will still fit next spring) and the blue is almost the exact shade of Little Bear's eyes. Whenever he wears it out we are asked about it ~ my friend Cherice did a fabulous job, and we'll treasure this outfit always.


Also, yesterday was Martinmas, and for the first time in several years we did not make lanterns ... which makes me a bit sad, because I so enjoy making lanterns ... and now I'm remembering happy craft days with the boys through the years ... 

Martinmas lantern 3

Martin lantern 1

Martinmas lantern 4

Where do the years go?

And did you know that tomorrow (11/13) is National Indian Pudding Day? I did a post on it a couple of years ago, including a wonderful Susan Branch recipe found here. I have long loved Indian Pudding, a truly comforting dessert which is especially nice with freshly whipped cream.

Speaking of desserts, doesn't this make you want to bake pie?

Apple pie 1


Oh, and if you're a fan of Starbucks, you might want to know about a special offer they have going on later this week: between November 13th and the 17th when you buy one holiday beverage you get one free to share! Offer good between 2 and 5 p.m. Isn't that fun? I may have to plan a Barnes & Noble stop this weekend ...

Which drink would you choose? I myself am a huge fan of the Peppermint Mocha. Peppermint, chocolate, coffee and cream - what's not to love?

Last of all, look what happened this morning ...

Snow 2

Our first snow of the season! Hot cocoa all around!

It's already gone now, an hour later. But it was fun to see - Earlybird was all excited and you should have seen Little Bear's face! I'm sure we'll have more snow to marvel at before too long.

How's your weather in your corner of the world?

Have a Happy Tuesday, my friends ... see you here again sometime soon!