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My Thanksgiving Journal: Photos & Notes

Happy Friday, my friends!

I hope you all had a nice Thursday, however you spent it. Here in my corner of the world, we celebrated a beautiful Thanksgiving Day - it was quite bright and brisk! Very cold for this time of year - a taste of things to come? - but despite the chilly day outside, it was warm and cozy inside. And how much fun I had organizing our first holiday in our new home! My mum, as always, was a huge help to me ... coming over almost daily to assist with the children and the chores around the house. Lots of work, yes, but a lot of fun, too.

So if you'll bear with me, I have many, many photos to share. As you know, this blog serves as my family scrapbook (as well as my creative outlet!), so in my posts you'll find lots of family photos mixed in with pictures of food and "finery".

Well enough of my rambling, here's what Thanksgiving looked at my house this year.


 Lots of decorations were set out around the house ...

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And the rooms were (re)arranged for entertaining ...

The "bar" was set up in the sunroom (as well as a tv for parade and football viewing) ...

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Our signature Thanksgiving cocktail this year: the apple-ginger whiskey sour:

Apple ginger whiskey sour

(This picture was taken on Thanksgiving eve, when Bill got a sneak peek, or should I say, taste.) We also served a sparkling cranberry punch that was non-alcoholic.

Desserts and coffee were served in the living room ...

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And there were appetizers in the family room ...

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Two tables were set; one for eight in the breakfast nook ...

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And another for 11 in the dining room ...

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At each place setting, a paper oak leaf was tied to the napkin; these were used for writing down our blessings after dinner.

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The turkey went in around 7:30 a.m. ...

Thanks 12

It would be served (in part) on this lovely platter, which once belonged to my grandmother ...

Thanks 11 

Meanwhile, as the cooking got underway, Little Bear snuck in a nap ...

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  Around noontime, our family arrived to mingle and make merry ...

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Meanwhile, the turkey came out and more good foods went in ...

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 Like these thyme-roasted cippolini onions ... 

Thanks 23

(I thought the colors were lovely.)

And just look at this adorable "turkey" veggie platter!

Thanks 15 

(I found the idea in a magazine and my aunt put it together for our party.)

Oh, and look who woke up!

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Thanks 34

Finally (once a few "oven issues" were worked out), dinner was served!

The buffet was arranged on our countertops ...

 Thanks 35

Our dinner menu this year: turkey & gravy, stuffing (with cranberries, apples and sausage), mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted onions, corn, butternut squash, broccoli casserole, cranberry relish, biscuits & crescent rolls. Everything was so good if I may so - and I may because I really had not a lot to do with it! My mum cooked the bulk of the meal, and a few side dishes were brought by relatives. I made the cranberry relish and breads.

Here we all are, gathering together ...

Thanks 36

Thanks 37

Love all these people, so very much. Every year we're together is a blessing.


Now, after we digested a little, it was time for dessert!

Thanks 38 

There was plenty to choose from, as you can see: pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, vanilla and eggnog ice cream, lemon bars and blondies. Oh, and a crazy toffee-marshmallow pie I made on a whim. There was also, of course, lots of freshly brewed coffee.

As we enjoyed our desserts, I gathered the "thankful leaves" and read them aloud - we tried to guess who wrote what. I then tied them to a length of twine along the mantel.

Thanks 40

 One last shot - as my family gathered inside, I stole outside to take a picture of the window candles we put up just that morning. I thought the house looked awfully cozy as the sun set in the west ...

Thanks 41


Well my friends, there in a rather large nutshell, was our Thanksgiving Day! It was a truly wonderful holiday - the kind of day that leaves you feeling full in tummy and heart. :)

Thanks so much for letting me share our day with you. And I hope you enjoyed a closer look at our new home - we're still settling in (the garage is still filled with boxes!) but it definitely feels like "home" now ... and with each family gathering, it will a little more.

Have a good evening, everyone ... see you here again very soon!