Advent: Moments of Peace & Joy
Advent: Moments of Peace & Joy

Advent: Moments of Peace & Joy

*Family note at bottom of post*

My friends, I find such peace in candlelight at all times of the year, but especially during the season of Advent, as the days grow short and dark ...

Advent peace candles

 (My kitchen sink window, looking out at the sun setting behind the woods.)

Advent peace candle

(Colonial style candles, one for each front window in our new home.)

And now, for a moment of joy ...

Now, I'm not a "city girl" by any means, but I just LOVE the way the city looks at Christmas! City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style ... 

Advent city lights

Seriously, those huge sparkling trees on the town common, and the line of merry wreaths that hang from street lights (as above) ... they bring such a smile to my face during the holidays. I saw these on my way home from Crackerjack's CCD class last night - we pulled over so I could get a quick pic. :)


* Note: Before I go, may I press upon you all again for more prayers for Earlybird? He had another seizure at four this morning ... another very scary ordeal for our son (and his parents). Thankfully, this seizure was shorter than the last, and because we were told how to handle it, there was a bit less panic on our parts. Still doesn't take away the worry, or the distress of our son who just has no idea why this is happening. God bless him, he asked if he could go back to "the hotel" this morning once things had calmed down (and he was back to himself). I asked him if he meant "the hospital" and he did. He remembered the kind care he received and that he felt better once he was done.

But here's a happy moment just to set you all at ease ...

R with train set 1

This is EB and his Polar Express train set. He's been watching the movie recently and asking (somewhat incessantly) for his "wooden Polar Express train set." Now, the problem is (was), the set was kind of lost in the move, but Bill took it upon himself to find the pieces this morning and he was able to cobble most of the set together. Well, you would have thought we delivered Santa himself - Earlybird was thrilled. :)


* Next day update (because it's taking me that long to get this post up!): After a call from the neurologist last night, we brought EB into Children's Hospital to start meds. Bill and my folks drove him in around 6 p.m (so I could stay home with the baby and Crackerjack); they were finally back home around midnight. So today starts a new reality of twice-daily medication, and watching to see how he reacts to it. They warned us it could cause some physical and behavioral issues, but we'll just have to wait and watch and hope (pray) for the best.


You know ... I guess sometimes we have to "take" joy and peace when and where we can find it, even when there's all this other stuff going on and life is far from quiet or easy or perfect. When we do find it - the joy and/or the peace - we have to enjoy it in that moment, and tuck it away to remember later. We never know how much we might need it.

I really don't mean to sound preachy, because this is something I am working on very much for myself. Keeping my eyes and heart open to the goodness in life around me and remembering that our blessings outweigh our challenges.

Some days this is easier to remember than others, but it's something I try to return to as I can. Life never stays the same, we can only try to roll with the changes and keep ourselves and our spirit intact ...


Ok, I'm going to wrap up because I've kept you all long enough. My friends, thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. I will update as I can ... and I will post here as often as I can. It might not be every day as I planned, but I will as I find the time and opportunity.

Hope you all have a nice day ... see you here again very soon.