MM: Downton Abbey Season 4, Episode 4
Nevermind laughter ...

All Hands ...

 One of the benefits of homeschooling, is that when somebody is sick, there are usually plenty of hands around to help out ...

O and j 2

O and j 1

Little Bear is a very lucky boy to have big brothers who not only love him so much, but who are around a lot, and therefore really know him. What he's like, what he likes ... how to soothe him when he's feeling under the weather and Mama has run out of hands. This is a blessing to Little Bear's mama in ways both practical and profound. 

My friends, a nasty cold virus has invaded our home and so things are not "running on the regular" right now. Nights are particularly tough, meaning there's not so much sleeping happening as "cat napping."

All this to say, I'm taking a few days off to nurse my family back to health ... but I will be return just as soon as I can ... and I do hope all of you are staying well - and safe with all that crazy weather!