Throwback Thursday ~ Thinking about March
Spring in our hearts - and our windows!

Let's Talk Laundry, Shall We?

Yes, let's.

O in laundry 1 

Little Bear suddenly regrets asking to help with the laundry ... there's just so much!

O in laundry 2 

Nothing but laundry as far as the eye can see ...

O in laundry 3

 You mean, we have to fold ALL of it?

O in laundry 4

Well, I'll just sit here and look cute. It's what I do best.


My friends, how are you keeping up with your laundry these days? Is it something you do once a week, on an assigned day? Or do you do a little daily till it's done? Or do you wait until there are absolutely no more clean clothes available - aside from swimsuits and mismatched socks - then really get down to business?

I'm just curious ... our laundry feels pretty out of control these days. According to my "housekeeping routine," Mondays and Tuesdays are supposed to be my laundry days. But really, I'm doing as much as I can over the weekend and then a load or two through the week as opportunity (and/or need) presents itself.

My biggest issue, as odd as it sounds, is clean laundry. I get the whole wash-and-dry cycle going pretty well but the crucial step of "folding and putting away" somehow escapes me. The stuff sits in a laundry basket (or two ... or um, three) and we pick out what we need through the week. It's clean - but obviously, quite wrinkled. Well, we're heading into another weekend which means squeezing in as many loads as I can, and so laundry's on my mind ... and my to-do list ... and I thought I'd ask what you all do.

Thanks for your thoughts if you have time to share them ... but either way, I'll see you here again very soon!