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Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy March!

A "New" Family Heirloom

Good Friday evening, my friends - I hope the week treated you well!

I've been wanting to show you all a "new" rocking chair of ours, a gift from Bill's folks, so I spent a few minutes today taking pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't get as close a picture of the rocker as I would have liked - clearly the camera honed in on something else - but I'll share what I have for now (and I'll have more to show when I do my library "tour" in an upcoming post).

O in rocker 1

Now, this beautiful rocking chair once belonged to Bill's paternal grandmother's mother, or Marmee as she was known to her family - so that makes it over 100 years old! It was recently (and lovingly) refurbished by Bill's mom and dad, and we are so honored and thrilled to have it as a part of our home ...

O duck book 4

 Originally we were going to keep it up in our bedroom - aka the spot for middle-of-the-night rocking - but I felt this chair is just too pretty to hide upstairs. So we placed it in a corner of the library, instead.

O in rocker 4

In these pictures Little Bear is perusing a sweet little board book, and also, I should point out, the soft yellow "duckie" blanket that surrounds him belonged to his own daddy many, many years ago.

O duck book 1

(You know, I find once I start taking pictures ...

O duck book 2

 ... it's sometimes hard to stop.)

O duck book 3

I love family heirlooms, don't you?


Wishing you all a very happy weekend, and thanking you sincerely for stopping by!

See you here again very soon ...