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Wordless {Winter} Wednesday

My Downton Thoughts ...

Good Tuesday morning, my friends! Hope this "note" finds you well.

Now, I left my Downton comments beneath yesterday's post, but I wanted to post them here, too, in a more visible way. I so enjoyed this week's episode, how about you?

Before I get to my thoughts, though - I also wanted to show you my Downton Abbey page-a-day calendar. I'm having such fun with it!

Da calendar

Da calendar 2

Every day is a different scene or definition or description from the show/era. It's a wonderful way to get "a little Downton fix" every day! And the back of the pages are perfect for notes, shopping lists, etc.

It's just a little thing, really, but it makes me so happy! :)

Ok, now for my ramble-y re-cap:


What a wonderful episode!!

First thought - it was a beautiful episode, a real treat to watch! Shades of the first season, too, in all its soft opulence. - the church bazaar with its village camaraderie and all that glorious eye candy! Even the dresses the women were all wearing - though more modern in style - reminded me of those soft pastel shades from those classic first season pictures. (Remember the rose competition between Violet and Cora?) Seriously, I could (and may) go back and re-watch the scenes from the bazaar just to get a closer glimpse at all the stalls and decoration.

Ok. Bates-Anna-Green. Call me crazy, but I'm not convinced he did it. I half-thought he might be in York buying a ring or something for Anna. I mean, we're obviously meant to think it was him, but y'know ... it was all kind of done before, the whole - did Bates commit murder scanario? Maybe Green just tripped, maybe Bates got revenge ... I don't know ... but it seems perhaps that storyline is over, apart from Anna's continued healing.

(Who here wouldn't love for them to have a baby???)

Mary and her "desire" of suitors ... I'm loving it! It's perhaps a bit overdone - the men are all SO smitten - but I'm still enjoying the heck out of it and can't wait to see who waits her out. I'm thinking Tony is truly deeply in love with her (though I still think that was fast) but Blake is feeling more than just flirtatious as well. I like them both - Tony is safer but Blake might be better for her. I'm not really counting Evelyn Napier in all of this because he doesn't seem to be of any interest to Mary, not like the other two.

Rose and Jack - I kept saying to Bill, I hope she's not using him!! I had a feeling. I do think she liked, maybe even loved him, but she was using him. I was glad of that scene between Jack and Mary because I didn't want to see him get hurt - and I was glad to know he was aware and already resigned to the cold hard facts. He was a great character though and I wish his part wasn't over (of course, maybe it isn't, who knows).

And for the record, Rose still irks me. Lol.

Edith and the pregnancy ... I *loved* it that Violet figured it out. She's such a smart lady and has seen enough of human nature to know a cover up when she sees it. I also loved that she was so supportive of Edith. Edith's plan to give the baby to the farmer - does he have a wife? we haven't seen her - seemed rash. I still can't believe anyone in this family would want to see their flesh and blood raised in a lesser situation than what they can offer. I guess propriety rules over ... well, everything. I wonder if this Swiss plan will come to be or if there will be another option. And how far along is Edith? She can only be a month or two, right?

Tom and that new lady teacher ... not a fan of this pairing ... yet. I just don't like her. And that might be partially because she's not Sybil, but I find her brash and snobby in a reverse kind of way. I think it's obvious she's going to be a love interest for Tom - whom I do hope finds his footing soon, I like him so much ... but I hope that she softens a bit.

Very glad to have the Ivy-Daisy-Alfred situation cleared up at last. (We're discounting Jimmy at this point, right? He's such a tool.) And I was so proud of Daisy - so glad to feel good about her character again. And the love Mrs. Patmore showed for her - when she said she could not be prouder if she was her daughter - that made me tear up! The love and support the staff shows for each other is just beautiful and brings us back to the roots of the show. They are always there for each other ... remember Mrs. Patmore's blindness? And Mrs. Hughes breast cancer scare?

Isobel and Lord Merton (sp?) ... how lovely is this?! I had been thinking she needed a good storyline ... and perhaps a little triangle of her own, if we involve the good doctor who has expressed interest in Isolbel before? Hmmm ....

Well, I think I addressed most of the plot points. Overall it was a fantastic episode - could be my favorite this season - and the peek at next week looks wonderful, too! So sad to think it's almost over again for another year, though.

I'll just finish by reiterating that the whole bazaar was a splendid feast for the eyes and a nice link to the show's earlier sense of sweetness and light.

So until next week, then!