Happy St. Valentine's Day!
Sunrise, Moonset ...

Poetry Friday: "A Kitchen Window"

Kitchen window poem 2

She hears the twitter of the birds

Finding the largess she has spread,

She sees the beauty snow has wrought

Where winter berries flaunt their red.

The lonely cries of circling gulls

Touch minor chords in her own heart;

In lace-clad tree and crystal bush

She feels a magic counterpart.


She likes the snowman’s pixie charm

Created by her wee one’s hands;

And looks up from her homely tasks

To share the whimsey he commands.


She has a kinship with the earth

Though busy in her own domain,

And comprehends its noble plan

From just a kitchen window pane.

This poem was written by a Milly Walton in 1949. I found it in a charming little book my folks gave me - which they found while cleaning out their attic - The Beauty of Motherhood: Selected Writings About The Joys of Being a MotherI think it must have been my mum's, perhaps a present on one Mother's Day or another ...

But I was so struck by this sweet and thoughtful little poem - so perfect for so many of us! - I just had to share it here. The sentiment (and illustration as you can see above) is especially lovely for this time of year!

Well, my friends ... this is my little Valentine to you ... a wish for a simple, sweet moment like this. Delighting in the beauty of nature, and relishing the joy of your home. :)

Happy Weekend, my friends ... see you all again very soon ...