Easter Blessings, One and All!
April showers bring ...

Easter, 2014 ~ Light, Love, Joy!

 Well, good Wednesday morning, my friends ... long time no see!

So I took my little Easter "break," and then right when I was ready to jump back in and start blogging again - Typepad crashed! And boy did it crash hard. Hoping they have it all worked out now ... so fingers crossed, everyone!

But enough with techy first-world problems, I hope you all had a nice weekend and a lovely Easter Sunday. Ours was wonderful - so good to spend time with family and friends - and as usual, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures so I'd like to share them here if I may. 


Easter sunday 25

"Hot cross buns" for Good Friday. One of these years I'll make them from scratch ...

Easter sunday 14

Baskets at the ready ...

Easter sunday 15 

Hard-boiled eggs cooling ...

Easter sunday 23 

Jelly beans soaking in vodka ... (more on that later).

Easter sunday 20

Just like magic, every year! 

Easter sunday 21

The baskets were hung by the chimney with care ...

Easter sunday 26

 Next morning, Earlybird was the first to the spoils (natch) ...

Easter sunday 27

 A few of my fellas ...

Easter sunday 31

Note the cats behind Little Bear ~ they were after that pink crinkly stuff! 

Easter sunday 32

 "Yay! My biggest brothers are awake!" 

Easter sunday 36

Easter egg hunt #1 ... a bit chilly that morning.

Easter sunday 37


Easter sunday 105

 Palm crosses in pansy pots ...

Easter sunday 17

My grandmother's first set of china, so lovely on a pink cloth ...

Easter sunday 43

Our forsythia wreath hung indoors - one of my favorite spring decorations.

Easter sunday 19

It's just not a party without punch ... :)

Easter sunday 64

 Love these orange-hued flowers ...

Easter sunday 47

 Preparing our "signature" cocktail for Easter, 2014 ~ the Jelly Bean Martini!

  Easter sunday 56

Pretty pink tulips ... photo by Crackerjack. :)

Easter sunday 61

Pansies on the patio (also by CJ) ...

Easter sunday 59

The colored sugar rims really made these drinks pop!

Easter sunday 66

(We ran out of lemons, so we used clementine wedges as well.)

Easter sunday 18 

Signs of life all over the yard ...

Easter sunday 70

 Dinner is served! Ham *and* turkey for our group of 25!

Easter sunday 78 

What's Easter without a baby in smocking? :)

Easter sunday 79 

My Uncle Karl's Pineapple Upside Down Cake. As good as it looks, and them some.

Easter sunday 80

 My mum's "peep" cake for her grandboys!

Easter sunday 81

My Peter Rabbit cupcakes. :)

Easter sunday 83

 Egg Hunt #2 ... this time with cousins!

Easter sunday 84 

Little Bear gets a smooch from his Daddy ... :)

Easter sunday 92

Peace be with you ...

Easter sunday 88

"You go this way, I'll go that way!"

Easter sunday 6

Little Finnegan found one!

Easter sunday 89

The bigger boys (my brother included) had fun with bats, balls and frisbees.

Easter sunday 90

 It was such a nice day - sunny and almost warm (about 55). Perfect for sitting outside!

Easter sunday 52

Me and my Little Bear ... 

Easter sunday 98

 Sunlight on pretty china, crystal and flowers ...

Easter sunday 99

 One last egg remained hidden ...

Easter sunday 95

Happy Easter from my family to yours! Thank you for sharing in our joy!