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Flashback Friday: Mother & Son

Dawn class photo 7th gradeJack @ owen's baptism

Since it's been mentioned a time or two that Crackerjack looks like me, I thought I'd share my 7th grade class picture ... alongside a picture of CJ from last summer.


Not that he's all that thrilled to hear he looks like his mother - I've assured him he looks "all boy" even so! - but we just can't get over the resemblance!

It's kind of neat for me because having all boys there's so much more that Bill relates to (from his childhood) than I do. Things he did or liked to do ... and the other three boys really do look so much like him. So in my heart I'm going to treasure this little connection between me and CJ ... even if it does embarrass him just a little! 

That's what mothers are for, right?


Do any of your children look like you, or do they favor your husband? I find familiy resemblances so interesting ... especially when looking at old family pictures.

Ok, that's all for today! Hope you're all enjoying your Friday ...

See you here again very soon!