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April 2014

April Smiles

Rabbit, rabbit, my friends! It's the first of April!

April is one of my favorite months ... a month of welcome change ... when Spring truly arrives here in New England. Nature seems to finally wake up from her deep winter slumber - birds, bugs, grass, even a few first flowers ... there's so much to look forward to!

New shoots in the garden ...

Daffodil shoots 2

Lookin' good little daffodls!

Pastels ...

Spring scarf

April can be chilly, so a scarf is still necessary some days ... but when it's made of such cheerful spring colors, it's not so bad. :)

Nature walks and nature tables ...

April nature table 1

There will be treasures aplenty to find and display this month ...


Baseball games, the full pink moon, Easter Sunday, spring cleaning, showery days, salamander nights, St. George's Day! Wishing you all a Happy April! What do you love best about this month?