Kitchen Chat, Week Eight: Cookbooks!
Field Notes ~ Our 1st Butterfly!

"Rough winds do shake ...

Magnolia on gray april day

... the darling buds of May ... "

A friendly reminder, my friends ~ tomorrow is May 1st! So don't forget your Rabbit, Rabbit when you wake! :)

And so, a new season begins ... Early Spring is put to bed, and Late Spring folders get moved to the front of the crate! There's so much to look forward over the next couple of months ...

May Day, Mary's Month, Mother's Day, lilacs, the Full Flower Moon, peonies, Little Bear's FIRST birthday, Ascension Day, butterflies, Pentecost, strawberriesthe Full Strawberry Moon, roses, Father's Day, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi, light nights, the Summer Solstice, fireflies and Midsummer's Eve ... 

>-*-< ❤ >-*-<

But for now, a quiet gray day ... and a chill in the air, as the anticipation builds. I'll be off for a bit while I recover from wisdom tooth surgery (ouch!), but as always, I'll be back again very soon.

Enjoy your evening, my friends!