Thankful, Thoughtful Thursday
"All I am or ever hope to be ...

Next week, new plan ...

Azaleas front window

Good Friday morning, everyone! 

A quick note this morning ... next week I'll be switching things up a bit here, and instead of meeting in my kitchen on Monday to chat, we'll gather in the garden on Wednesday to gab!

So, I wanted to announce our first topic of discussion - something light and easy to start - and that would be: What's growing in your yard right now? I'm hoping to hear about the wild and cultured things that inhabit your yard ... and you are welcome to send me a picture of your yard, garden, or a favorite plant or tree to be included in my post!

Please send any pictures with descriptions to:

bysunandcandlelight AT comcast DOT net

I'll be snapping around my yard, too ... it's our first spring here so in a way we are starting from scratch, although there are lots of pretty surprises popping up here and there. For instance, I didn't realize there were SO many purple azaleas!

Well, I hope you'll think about joining me, and I also hope you all have a nice weekend ... as well as a very Happy Mother's Day, too!

See you here again very soon ...